Brussels Expo Palais 5 - May 2016

Orange Belgium Launch Event

May 2016, Brussels – BELGIUM
Production: Balthazar Events
Direction : Dirk Decloedt

For this events, celebrating the passage of telecommunication company Mobistar to Orange Belgium, we focused the content on the themes of transformation and technology. Changing the green color code of Mobistar to the Orange color code. The idea was to create interactions between the dancers and the video, to emphasize on the humans as actors of the change.
The background of the stage consisted of a large LED wall of 20 meters by 8 meters, which was able to open up into 3 separate parts.
At the apotheosis of the show, the central part of 8 by 8 meters suddenly traveled 50 meters backwards into another space opening the “Orange Zone”. The audience was literally invited to then cross the stage and enter into this new world, the world of Orange.