Strasbourg - Summer 2016

Lumière Intemporelle

July 2016, Strasbourg – FRANCE
Production : ACT Lighting Design
Written and directed by Drop The Spoon
Lighting Design : Koert Vermeulen
Music : Musicom
Technical Direction : ADC Productions
Media Servers: Photon by

In collaboration with ACT Lighting Design, ADC Productions, Musicom and we wrote, directed and made the video mapping show “Lumière Intemporelle” which is going on every night from July 2nd to September 18th 2016 on the Cathedral of Strasbourg. Powered by 2 Photon systems feeding 15 projectors spread on 3 towers, we created an 8K UV to cover the cathedral on a 180 angle. Using this solution we managed to avoid self-casted shadows on the cathedral thus being able to project on the whole depth of the facade.

The concept we developed was a travel through light and time, using the cathedral as a container and the extruding architecture as a skeleton to contain the worlds and ambiances we created.
Working on music and sound design with Musicom helped us focus sometime on emotions, sometime on more festive feelings and take the audience on a ride from dark ages to the future.

Working closely with ACT Lighting for the lights, ADC Productions for the video projectors and technical supply and VyV for the Photon server, programmation and calibration, we created together one of the highlights of Strasbourg’s 2016 holiday season.