Moscow, Tour

Я – Philip Kirkorov

March 2016 – Moscow
Production : Dragone
Direction : Franco Dragone
The driving goal we set on this project was to create video content that will fool the audience in believing the set was deeper than it really was. Using the gigantic 6 millimeters pitch LED screen covering the entire rear of the set and the 4 totem LED screens at the edge of the set, we created “trompe l’oeil” animations for each of the 30 songs played.

One of the perfect exemple were the songs where we created 3D moving panels, using them is if they were real scenographic props and moved them in depth or rotating. The effect created was difficult to differ from real panels on stage.

Or the show opening, were the big red “Я”, the light surrounding it and part of the smoke on the stage are in fact video.